Energy Balance Release (E.B.R.)  Healing Workshop - Class Size Min. 6 Max 20 - Age Teens to Adult


Backed by a wealth of experience with sometimes as many as 400 students in classes per week, Spency offers group sessions in Energy Balance and Release (EBR) combined with Didgeridoo Mediation and Massage (DMM)


With vibrations resonating the CHAKRAS (the 7 spiritual etheric energy centers of the body, mind and spirit) a promotion of health will be activated through our very own DNA achieving a deep sense of relaxation, peace and oneness with the Universe and an increased awareness of the higher-self.


This healing workshop guided by Spency is a 5 hour workshop 9am -12pm (1 hour lunch) 1pm-3pm and follows a metaphysical path of sound healing through self awareness brought about through the following methods covered in this workshop:


  • 9am - Session starts with an (EBR) sacred geometrical chants to focus the mind and awaken our spirit guides for the duration of this session and beyond. Meditation to light frequencies captured through sound with follow. (45 minutes)


  • 9.45am - Stimulation, awakening and balancing of the chakras (EBR) through tibetan singing bowl and sacred CHAKRA voice phonetics. (50 minutes)


  • 10.35am - As the two previous aspects awaken and stimulate deep seated emotions and feelings we PAUSE for water and fresh air. There maybe a feeling of nausea and the time will be used for reflection and to sit with the newly awakened feelings. (15 minutes)


  • 10.50am - Pranayama breathing exercises (EBR) to awaken the sacred Sushmana energy current. (15 minutes)


  • 11.10am - Didgeridoo Mediation and Massage (DMM). The didgeridoo will be played to facilitate a primordial vibration of theta and beta waves, grounding the root chakra and further radiating out into the auric chakra to clear the mind and accelerate a deeper meditative state. The Didgeridoo is moved through the auric energy and massaged along the spinal column up until to the back of the head. (50 minutes)


  • LUNCH BREAK (1 hour)


  • 1pm - Lesson in playing and use of percussion and world drums as an EBR. (35 minutes)


  • 1.35pm - Phonetic singing (EBR). Introduction to singing without the use of words. Instead one uses sounds to articulate and express ones emotions through the voice. This creates the perfect EBR as it allows the release of energies and emotions that well up inside the body. This clears and prepares the throat for a dialog with your higher self. (45 minutes)


  • 2.20pm - Realizing the awakening of buoyancy and levitation as well as cloud energy exchanges (weather permitting) through all of the days exercises along with the Spency buoyancy dance and class participation in vibrational healing songs. (25 minutes)


  • 2.45pm - World prayer for peace with the non-denominational prayer of the Great Invocation accompanied by the song NAMASTE where your connection to your higher self will have reached a peak of exhilaration. (15 minutes)



5 Hour Workshop with Lunch Break $750