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Our Sound Bath  sessions, Workshops & Mystery School Classes will always bring us back to love!   

the Universe only knows how much love we all need.


We feel it our  service to impart our given talents and share them with mankind unconditionally.


Sound baths, Mystery School Knowledge and Cosmic Truths in


the Age of Aquarius.


“I am forever inspired and my life is changed after my sound healing session and meeting with Tracy & Spency. They imparted knowledge and music that awakened my spirit. The space and gardens are a magical peaceful backdrop creating a meditative space. I felt the presence of fairies, angels and elementals that were looking in over the whole session. So much love and joy in Tracy and Spency. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!”

— Anna, Los Angeles

What people say
SpencyRay StarBeloved Healing Space at the TreeHouse Venice

SpencyRay StarBeloved Healing Space at the TreeHouse Venice

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Healing Sessions


At the magikal Private Member Association 
StarBeloved Healing space in California

Private - One on one with Wizard Spency

Ancient Egyptian mystery school 
Levels 1 & 2

Mystery School Form
Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Application

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