Self Realization & frequency Activation A one hour sound frequency activation 

Cost $222 for a Private session up to 2 people - each additional person $25 extra up to 4 people 

This is a 60 minute music vibration guided journey with discussion time with Spency & Tracy Ray. Calling in powerful energies and blessings from higher planes, you will find yourself going deep in to an amazing journey. We call on Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides and Devas of higher dimensions through alchemy, magic & metaphysical spiritual rituals. All this is supported by the sacred 'Metatron Portal'. Working together with Archangel Metatron the portal is known as the Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba.

















The Merkaba is a sacred geometrical shape and creates a Divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher reams. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.


We can discuss many areas of life: ego, discernment, detachment, hierarchy, how spirit guides interact with us on a daily basis through 'Sychronicity' and how musical frequency plays an important role in shaping our everyday lives.


Spency and Tracy discuss how we are able to manifest our wishes, desires and goals through the power of intention and thought through the process of meditation, will power and sacred chants with sounds and phrases not uttered in this dimension since ancient times.


This is a non denominational healing and discussion.


This workshop will awaken realizations from deep within and will rejuvinate the mind, body and spirit!



Metatron Merkabah channeled & painted by Johannah Birney