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Thank You for taking the time to become acquainted with our world of music, frequency activation, mind, body & soul energy work 

     raising the vibration and consciousness of mankind, making everyone feel a little better & alive through Music & Frequency,

 courtesy of the Universe 

  all in Love & Peace, 


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Tracy&Spency have had the privilege of many years of study with many Indigenous Healers, Native American Indian teachers, Peruvian Shaman, Swami & Adepts around the USA and around the world.

Working together, combining their talents of alchemy and connection to spirit, through magical ceremony and shamanic techniques they are powerful 'light-workers' working to help raise the consciousness and well being of mankind.

Allow us to remind you your Power & Magik

Currently we are expanding our work and working together with some of the most illuminated youth on the planet at this time.

SpencyRay combines planetary sounds together with channeled music, frequencies & Vibrations of the universe to create a shift in consciousness.

Mixed in 360 Ambiosonic surround sound & Combined with Amazing music performances 

Spencyray combines recordings of the planets with music and sounds that expand our senses and perception.

Sessions for up to 6 people are currently offered at their magical secluded desert location in yucca Valley nearJoshua Tree


For a private session please contact us to book.


“I am forever inspired and my life is changed after my sound healing session and meeting with Tracy & Spency. They imparted knowledge and music that awakened my spirit. The space and gardens are a magical peaceful backdrop creating a meditative space. I felt the presence of fairies, angels and elementals that were looking in over the whole session. So much love and joy in Tracy and Spency. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!”

— Anna, Los Angeles

Frequency Activation Concerts


The bigger picture for 2500+ people 

IMAGINE a music spectacle like never before, staged in a major metropolis, Los Angeles, on a grand scale similar to the amazing shows from 'Cirque Du Soleil' or a hit Broadway musical.

The sacred show is guided by the Universe and raises the consciousness & vibration of mankind.       

Now further imagine, this spectacular Musical Show staged in an awe inspiring magical venue  -  

Iin a massive magical dome  with Sacred geometry projected in 360 so that 2500+ people can take part and be fully immersed in frequencies of Sound and visuals Activating the human body's own DNA.!

SONG: Breathe In the Trees

SONG: I Am Gold

We are the change


Mother Earth

SONG: Ong Namo

SpencyRay Experience
SpencyRay Experience Feel The Energy

Sacred Geometry helps us understand the unity of life.


The basis for the integration of the cerebral hemispheres is in sacred geometry. Upon achieving the unity of consciousness that would be represented by the sphere, we would begin to live in the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension thinking is creating, instantly creating what is needed in that moment.


By performing in a geodesic dome, we are performing in the fourth dimension.

As the fans walk deeper into the tent they pass through 3 energy portals of higher vibrational conciousness to reach

the Main Performance Stage.

Energy Portal 1 Impression
Energy Portal 2 Impression
Energy Portal 3 Impression

These dimensional energy portals will be invoked and set up by 2 of the great mystic Andean Shaman, Valery and Ray Nobriga.


 These portals are an open channel allowing Universal guidance and energy to enter the space.

The fans will be bathed in vibration and love and will be consciously and sub consciously fully submersed in the activation. ultimately raising the consciousness, vibration and well being of the listener...

all whilst having fun being entertained!

Entering each portal is magical and is a big part of the set-up for the musical experience to come. 

The sensory, sensual experience, magic and healing begins as the audience walk into this spectacular dome

with high vibrational food and health drinks as available refreshment. 

After the show the people exit the concert through the all important dedicated merchandising area

with books & CD's of the show & the individual artists.

and gifts .  


Peace, Love & Light ◊ Heart Head and Hand

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