High Vibrational Drinks

Ever heard of Chaga mushrooms? Well we met our dear friend Shane at our house TreeHouseVenice as he booked as a guests. Now he is our adopted son, such an amazing soul and avid mushroom hunter. Shanes new company, Black Magic has created an amazing Chaga Mushroom RootBeer Elixir that we think you should all know about.

As Shane explains, "We sustainably hunt wild rare chaga mushrooms in pristine Canadian forests and brew it under lunar cycles with ancient rootbeer spices and tonic herbs to create a supernatural elixir that stimulates, nourishes and activates the pineal gland, immune strength and enlivens digestion. The elixir is also credited by many of our consistent buyers to sexify their skin, cleanse brain foggyiness and increase their awareness.

Ritual: Take 1 tablespoon dose of the elixir straight up daily or add shots of the elixir to coffee, chai, nut mylk lattes, smoothies, desserts, baking, cocktails & sparkling water (adult rootbeer floats - who doesn't want that).

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