SpencyRay Music Video 'Live in Ramona

Dear LightBeamers, our first concert as SpencyRay was in nature, where else. With Spency playing the didgeridoo and singing and Tracy channeling her mesmerizing words the concert at a beautiful tree filled open air venue was filled with light and love!,

'The Fairy Grotto' on the land of Yew Ranch in Ramona, California is stewarded by our dear friends, Maria and Lynda Yraceburu. Maria and Lynda both work in the healing arts yraceburu.org

Spency and Tracy were accompanied by two wonderful LightBeamer artists, Fabian Fernandez on guitar & Ladina Spence on vocals with sound by Mehrnaz Mohabati and Armin Karbaf. Check out the concert on YouTube and please don't forget to subscribe so we can keep you informed of our upcoming healing events and concerts.

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