StarBeloved Healing Space

The StarBeloved healing space in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, spreading love, light and blessings to all who enter the space! Newly manifested and initiated in February 2017, the space just keeps attracting people that desire a healing or to find answers about themselves.

Guided by our spirit guides and surrounded by Angels, Tracy and myself created this healing music space together - hidden with magic. People walk in and feel the energy touch them as soon as they step in over the lighted crystal entrance stone with an Andean Despacho of blessings buried underneath.

Under the floor the artist Tracy laid Turmaline, Rose Quartz and Amethyst to activate the space and raise the vibration of the room. The rooms central energy portal, 'The Merkaba' or Metatron's cube is powerful sacred geometry. It is said that;“The merkaba is perhaps one of the most accurate representations humanity has of divine energy. It spins, it flows, it grows in all directions at all times. It balances and harmonizes, and takes you where you want to be, into the life you are wanting. It does this both in the physical and the spiritual dimensions" .

The portal takes the form of an artwork installation created by Johanna Birney which is an image of the sacred geometrical form of 'Metatron'. We record and produce the music of SpencyRay here at the studio and also work with anyone that requires our services as energy workers, emotional clearing and sound healing.

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